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            Organic and Chemical Free

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Natural First Hair Growth Promoter Tincture - With Burdock Root, Biotin, Capsicum




Specialized to combat hair loss. Is mildly antiseptic, regulates the functions of the scalp and strengthens it, and promotes new hair growth. With essential oils, capsicum, ginseng, biotin, and burdock root extract. Package included 1 bottle of 60 ml (60 applications) Chemical free.


Made of simple all-natural ingredients including essential oils, ginseng, biotin, capsicum, and burdock root extract to promote blood flow to affected area. Most competitors fill their topical products with a variety of chemicals (most common is Finastride). Natural First guarantees to be 100% chemical free. The oil is 100% natural and is made from the best herbs without dyes, additives and preservatives.


Product is designed for both men and women. Gain the confidence you once had! You owe it to your body to go Natural First!


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